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Life's Ramblings

So, it has been awhile since my last post.  

It has been a little over a month since my father-in-law passed away and my surgery.  To say it has been difficult would be a large understatement.  It is very difficult to watch someone you love so completely grieve so deeply, and then feel guilty because you are more consumed by your own grief to really be of any comfort to him.  We have really been a source of great comfort and great contempt to one another in this month.  However, we have made it through, we did prevail.  We even managed to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary!  I came up with a list of words that I felt described what love means to mean, I would like to share them:  (please bear in mind these are my words in my universe)

For all of you who left kind words or thoughtful emails, we appreciate your sentiments and we feel you presence in our lives and hearts.

Now on to goals, I have set a goal to be a size four by Christmas!  I will need everyone's encouragement and good will to accomplish this!  Please send all your positive thoughts and good energies my way.  Since surgery  (1/25/07)I have lost 105 lbs, I need to lose about 40-50 lbs to be the weight I want to be.  I will make it there!  I have joined a gym to work out and to combat the excess skin I have hanging, it is working!  I am becoming more defined!  

On a happy note, we were in Asheville, NC this past weekend for the Bele Chere Festival (which by the way is a great music festival) we had an incredibly good time!  Asheville is a really great town, a lot like San Francisco I am told.  As we were coming home, I was watching the mountains as we drove by, and I suddenly got the lyric "For Purple Mountain's Majesty"  it was absolutely breathtaking.  So beautiful what God has created for us, we all should really stop and notice these simple majesties more often!  I know I don't do often enough, but I trying to change that.  I am trying to live each day of my life like it may be my last, cause someone wise told me it was the only way to really have fun.  I think they are right.  So as I end this diatribe, I hope you all will live each day like it is your last, cause then I know you are having fun!  Peace to you all.

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