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The Extinguishing Of A Light

Light. It provides us a sense of security, comfort, and peace. One has many sources of light in their lives. There are tangible sources of light, thanks to good ole ‘Ben Franklin.’ However, my favorite sources of light are the intangible sources. Those bright luminous intangible light sources that come into your life and brighten everything and everyone around.

Examples of these are that special someone who knows that just oh so special spot that can send you shattering into a bright kaleidoscope of light reflecting everywhere. That best friend that reminds you why you should do that something you want to do because you deserve it; after all you have worked hard to get here to this point! They are that bright ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Finally, our mothers are the bearers of light that bring us into the world and guide us. As I write this I am struck by my experiences with mothers as of late. For you see one mother’s light has been extinguished this week, another mother’s light was lit, and one mother’s light has been rekindled.

I find myself humbled by these experiences, and I feel the need to explain them in better detail.

The Newly Lit Light

This is the story of new mother of a baby girl. One can view the mother as the newly lit light, or one can view the newborn baby girl as the newly lit light. Either way you look at they are both newly lit lights!

The Light Rekindled

This is the story of a dear friend of mine involved in a very embattled bitter custody dispute. Her light radiates a newly rekindled fierceness, a Mama Bear light.

The Light Extinguished

Finally, the light extinguished is the story of my cousin who passed on into her eternal light last week. Her light has been extinguished. Yet I actually challenge that her light has been extinguished, it simply does not burn within here anymore. It burns now in her daughters, and in our hearts and our memories we carry with us of her!

The lights in our life comfort and keep us. They illuminate our paths and remind us of our direction. We only need to open our hearts, not our eyes to see them.


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Aug. 31st, 2007 09:47 am (UTC)
Light. Guides, directs, reminds, warms, frightens, corrects, cast shadows, burns, marks beginnings and ends, starts and stops. Light. Endless.

Thanks for the reminder of the importance of light in our lives.
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